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aero3Dpro models for cultural heritage, digital archives and virtual tours

Cultural heritage buildings and public arts are part of our history and culture. aero3Dpro provides high-resolution, spatially accurate and photo-realistic 3D models to support potential restoration efforts, creating digital archives virtual tours.

AEROmetrex has started acquiring some the most famous Adelaide public arts and buildings in Rundle Mall and CBD area. These unique 3D models allows people to virtually “see” these objects from any possible angles.

Using Augmented Reality, it is also possible to add virtual objects to real environments using a laptop, tablet or smart phone to check how an object will fit in a new location. Read more »


Augmented reality – 3D objects in context – Part 1

aero3Dpro technology has created a large warehouse of 3D models for us internally. So we have been working on a few presentation aspects, bringing the models to web is possible via WebGL in the right browsers and we can of course print them using a decent 3D printer. The other very interesting way to present the models and the value they add to traditional orthophotography is using Augmented Reality. Using the camera in the now common place smartphones and tablets you can overlay the rich 3D models we have been collecting over any aerial image of the similar area. Read more »

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Operating an UAV system illegally could have catastrophic consequences

It wasn’t us!

Aerometrex wishes it to be widely known that it was in no way responsible for, or connected with, an incident involving a runaway UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or Remotely Piloted Vehicle, RPA) in the northern Adelaide area in July 2012. The incident was fully reported in CASA’s safety newsletter and Flight Safety Australia under the title Intruder in the circuit . Read more »


Latest satellite imagery of Bushfires ravaging Tasmania 7th January 2013

Bushfires have destroyed more than 100 properties in Tasmania.
Strong winds up to 70 km/h is making the work of firefighters more difficult to bring several big bushfires under control.

Tasmanian Fire Service Website
Stay safe! Read more »

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Virtual 3D city model: Melbourne, Victoria-aero3Dpro

A growing number of Australian councils are currently acquiring 3D city models as an economical and efficient geospatial dataset for application including but not limited to emergency and disaster management, urban planning, assets management, tourism and cultural heritage. Read more »

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New Royal Adelaide Hospital and South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute aero3dpro model update

Two aero3dpro 3D models of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute construction sites have been acquired and generated on the 7th September and 19th December 2012.

The pictures below show the comparison between these two photo-realistic and geographically accurate 3d models. It is now possible to observe a same area from virtually any location in space and allow accurate three dimensional change detection.

Welcome to the 4th dimension! Read more »

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List of UAV/UAS Operator Certificate Holders in Australia

The number Unmanned Aerial Systems is growing every year and the trend is not going to stop anytime soon. Check out a bit of history of UAV here.

Hobbyists can now have access to wide range of ready to fly platforms from fix wing, to single or multi-rotors systems from all around the world. With some skills in mechanic and electronic it is also possible to build UAVs from scratch and fast growing communities such as give all the knowledge and interaction tools necessary to support the development of home-made UAVs. Read more »

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