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20 Things They Don’t Tell You About UAVs

The energy, enthusiasm and the inventiveness that is going into UAV* technology these days is truly remarkable. There has been a proliferation of manufacturers, suppliers, users and conferences promoting the technology. We have all seen stunning video clips and images taken from UAVs – the low altitude aerial perspective enables unique views of a wide sweep of surrounds as … Read the rest


TomoHawk Aerial Vehicle Announced

Aerometrex, a CASA-registered UAV operator, announces the implementation of a new AV imaging service with revolutionary performance.

Aerometrex is pleased to announce the introduction of a revolutionary new aerial imaging service based on new technology recently released by Microsoft. The system is offering performance far in excess of current UAV aerial imaging systems in the market with unparalleled efficiency and … Read the rest


Adelaide 3D model and aerial oblique imagery October 2015

We are in the process of generating an aero3Dpro virtual 3D city model of Adelaide CBD.

In this post you will find a collection of aerial oblique imagery of new building developments as well as other interesting architectural, heritage buildings within Adelaide CBD.

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Adelaide Fringe 2015 from above

You will find a small selection of aerial photographs of a some of the most famous Fringe venues including the Garden of Unearthly Delights, Gluttony, the Clipsal track and The Royal Croquet Club taken during mad March (and mad February).

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Willy willy

Aerial photograph of a dust devil near Mildura, South Australia also called “willy willy” in Australia.

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AEROmetrex captures its 12th annual Metro Adelaide aerial photography coverage in record time using 260-Megapixel camera

Adelaide-based aerial mapping company AEROmetrex has flown its 12th annual capture of the Metro Adelaide area in a record 2 days (10 flying hours), utilizing a very-large-format 260-Megapixel Ultracam Eagle camera.

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Royal Adelaide Hospital international design competition

The site of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital will be developed under a international design competition. International competitions bring up a wide range of new ideas which usually don’t pop up.

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The Truth about True Orthos

In this article we discuss an innovative way to produce true-ortho imagery where all distortions are corrected and the visible ground surface is maximized.

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Cutting-edge mapping technologies for the Australian mining industry

Technology is evolving. Efficiency is improving. Risks are reduced. Times are changing.

The latest mapping technologies available include the use of UAVs, the creation of photorealistic and geographically accurate 3D models from photogrammetry and augmented reality solutions are slowly but surely changing the Australian mining industry. Companies who decide to take the challenging but rewarding step to embrace the future … Read the rest


Operating an UAV system illegally could have catastrophic consequences

It wasn’t us!

Aerometrex wishes it to be widely known that it was in no way responsible for, or connected with, an incident involving a runaway UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or Remotely Piloted Vehicle, RPA) in the northern Adelaide area in July 2012. The incident was fully reported in CASA’s safety newsletter and Flight Safety Australia under the title Intruder Read the rest