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Quantitative Coastal Erosion Monitoring using Photogrammetry

Aerial and Ground based Lidar and photogrammetry have been used individually and in combination to monitor coastal erosion. We have developed our oblique photogrammetry with multi-ray matching technique to a point where these methods can be replaced by a single dataset captured using Aero3dpro methodologies. With accurate survey control multiple epochs are exactly aligned and suitable for displacement analysis and volume calculations of material lost due to erosion.

A test site was chosen near Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The area known as Nightcliff has been featured in the voyage of the Beagle and is the site on the Nightcliff market of Sundays. Thus the area is of historical and social importance. This area has had a lot of cliff loss due to erosion and a coastal management plan has been put in place to construct a sea-wall along the foreshore. Datasets captured in 2014 and 2016 clearly show these changes and provide quantitative displacements, which can be calculated using Hausdorff distance algorithms on the reconstructed meshes. A plot of the displacement can be seen in the image below.

Nightcliff Displacements

Nightcliff Coastal Erosion and displacements

An interactive model of this area can be viewed in the Cesium viewer below, it also includes Darwin background ortho imagery from MetroMap.


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When a city falls – Christchurch in 3D from 2011

It has been a few years since the tragic days of 2010-2011 when earthquakes almost flattened the beautiful city of Christchurch – New Zealand. A few documentaries have been made and the story of the people captured.

The model below captured using photogrammetry is a time capsule of how the city looked shortly after the earthquakes ( January 2013).

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Adelaide 3D model and aerial oblique imagery October 2015

We are in the process of generating an aero3Dpro virtual 3D city model of Adelaide CBD.

In this post you will find a collection of aerial oblique imagery of new building developments as well as other interesting architectural, heritage buildings within Adelaide CBD.

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Geospatial and  photogrammetry: When the mapping world and the gaming world collide

The gaming and the mapping world might look like two very distinct industries but when we give a closer look, we can discern some similarities. Both industries are now more than ever benefiting from each other’s unique features. In one hand, interactive 3D GIS are now using improved graphics, atmospheric and particles effects to visualise real-world data as well as interactive navigation capabilities similar to a video game. In the other hand, maps are the core component of many video games and can be based on either fantasy or real-world information derived from geospatial data. A growing number of games developers have also started to use 3D assets generated using 3D photogrammetry techniques. Read more

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Coastal erosion mapping using 3D photogrammetry

Coastal erosion is the wearing away of land along the shoreline due to the natural removal of beach or dune sediments caused by wave action, wave and tidal  currents, high winds, drainage and other human-induced causes of erosion . Rising sea levels, more frequent storms and cyclones are also increasing coastal erosion and are putting infrastructures, properties and people at risk. Read more »

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Virtual 3D city models: A base dataset for Australian States departments and local councils

An increasing number of Australian states government departments and local councils are using or are in the process of acquiring virtual 3D city models as part of their planning and development strategy. In addition to other geospatial information layers integrated into interactive 3D GIS solutions such as Skyline TerraExplorer, these new tools provide intuitive and innovative ways to communicate complex information and develop long-term management strategies. Read more »

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Integration of 3D streetview earthmine with interactive 3D GIS Skyline Terraexplorer and aero3Dpro city model as a base dataset

Integration test of 3D Street Level Imagery Solutions earthmine into Skyline Terraexplorer pro.

The 3D base dataset is a virtual 3D city model of Karratha, WA generated with aero3dpro.

Users can navigate in the earthmine window and the corresponding location will be displayed into Terraexplorer in real-time.

Users can also pick up a location on the virtual 3D model and the corresponding streetview will load in the earthmine window. Read more »


Virtual flight over 3D cities using Oculus Rift

We are living a very exciting time where new virtual and augmented technologies are booming. It is now possible to immerse ourselves into photo realistic virtual worlds and experience new sensations like never before.

We’ve been working on integrating our aero3Dpro 3D models and the Virtual Reality headset Oculus rift  into interactive 3D engines to experience what flying like a bird would feel like.

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SimCity-like 3D model of Melbourne

Using an isometric projection, we’ve generated a large-scale Sim-City-like representation of Melbourne CBD. The aero3Dpro  model has been created using aerial 3D photogrammetry techniques. Read more »

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Bringing a virtual 3D environment to life with 3D printing

Our generation is living the 3D revolution. 3D digital environments can be brought to life using 3D printing techniques. Read more »

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