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Latest satellite imagery of Bushfires ravaging Tasmania 7th January 2013

Bushfires have destroyed more than 100 properties in Tasmania.
Strong winds up to 70 km/h is making the work of firefighters more difficult to bring several big bushfires under control.

Tasmanian Fire Service Website
Stay safe! Read more »

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Survey of Radar imaging technologies – Satellite Constellations

Visible light only forms a small slice of the electromagnetic spectrum centred at yellow – we have evolved to see things the way we do due to the solar peak radiation being somewhere near yellow. Read more »

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From the size of a mountain to the size of a 50 cents coin

Since the launch of the first Earth observation satellite in 1959, the world has witnessed incredible developments in terms of platform and sensors to observe the Earth. It is now possible to see virtually any part of our planet and distinguish objects the size of a mountain up to the size of a coin. Read more »

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