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Cliffs south of Adelaide 3D animation

This short video has been generated using an UltraCam digital aerial camera to produce orthophotos at 10cm and a digital surface model at 50cm resolution.

As the Holiday Season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and on those who have helped to shape the geospatial industry in a most significant way. What an exciting industry … Read the rest


Australian Geospatial 2012 events

2012 will be rich in geospatial conferences and events to stimulate discussions and learn about the latest developments and projects in the industry.

Watch this space as we will update with new geospatial conferences and events as they come along.

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AMX Countrywide aerial imagery: Robe, SA 3D animation

This 3D animation has been generated using a 50cm digital surface model and 10cm aerial orthophotos over Robe in South-Australia. This data has been acquired as part of AEROmetrex Countrywide program.
This program is offering dozens of rural towns and communities in rural Australia the benefit of its high-resolution UltraCam orthophoto aerial imagery.

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UltraCam Eagle: the latest baby of the Microsoft UltraCam family

Being a long time user of the UltraCam camera series, it is no wonder that we got extremely excited when we heard last May 2011 about the launch of the latest baby of the Microsoft UltraCam family: the UltraCam Eagle.

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Great leap forward in 3D photo point-clouds

The image above is a product of a photogrammetric technology that will sweep through the spatial industry in 2012.

It is not a photograph. It is not a static or airborne LiDAR scan.  It is  in  fact  a  3D  photo point cloud, comprised of millions of 3D points, each of which carries a reflectance value and is accurate to within … Read the rest


Old Highbery quarry 3D fly-through

Highbury quarry is a huge open-cut mine in the Adelaide suburban fringe. This old quarry is holding about 600 megalitres of crystal clear water.
This 3D visualization fly-through has been generated using UltraCam digital aerial orthophotos and a digital elevation model extracted from photogrammetry.

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Digital Elevation, Digital Terrain or Digital Surface Model?

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is generally a file containing elevation values representing the terrain height over a specific area of the earth. A DEM can be a raster file: in this case each record is a 3-dimensional element usually associated with geographic coordinates at a fixed grid interval. The denser the grid, the more information the digital elevation model … Read the rest

photogrammetric 3D landscape

North Queensland aerial photography 3D Fly-through HD

This 3D visualization fly-through over part of North Queensland has been generated using UltraCam digital aerial orthophotos and a digital elevation model extracted from photogrammetry.

Elements such as water reflexion, clouds and atmosphere effects have been integrated in the simulation to increase realism.

Lake Tinaroo and part of the Daintree river in North Queensland can be seen along the way.… Read the rest


What is the difference between aerial photography, aerial survey, aerial mapping, aerial photogrammetry and aerial acquisition?

It can be a bit confusing for a non-specialist to understand the subtle difference between the various technical terms used to describe the acquisition of photographs from an airborne platform. Let’s take a look at the most common terms used in the industry:

Aerial photography: Aerial photography is the action of taking photographs from an airborne platform such as aircraftRead the rest