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Uluru/Ayers Rock 3D animation generated from aerial photogrammetry

Uluru also called Ayers Rock is a huge sand rock formation (3.6 km long  x 1.9 km wide) in the Australian outback. This very famous Australian trademark rises 348m above ground but it’s two third of this impressive rock lies underground.

The Aboriginal traditional owners of Uluru are the Anangu. Sacred sites are situated all around the base of the rock. Read more »

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Bloomfield River and Wujal Wujal, Queensland 3D animation

The Bloomfield River is a river situated in Queensland, north of Daintree. The river enters the sea north of Cape Tribulation.
Wujal Wujal is the name of a relatively small Aboriginal community on the north and south sides of the Bloomfield River as seen at the end of the video. Read more »

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High Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery vs High Resolution Satellite Imagery – Part 2

(Click here to go to the article “High Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery vs High Resolution Satellite Imagery – Part 1“)

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Location accessibility:

 Aerial Imagery:

The reach of an aerial acquisition company is usually restricted to a specific area or country due to the fact that aircraft are based in a specific location. Remote survey locations attract higher mobilisation and logistical costs. Other countries can impose difficult conditions on aerial survey operations and military clearance has to be obtained for imaging in some countries. Read more »

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Little para reservoir 3D animation generated from photogrammetry

Little Para Reservoir is a reservoir in South Australia serving the city of Adelaide. It was built between 1974 and 1977, costing A$11.5 million, and commissioned in January 1979.

The reservoir is built in the path of the Little Para River and is used for water storage and flood mitigation. As the Little Para’s catchment is insufficient to fill the reservoir, it is mainly used to store water pumped from the River Murray. Periodically water is released from the reservoir into the river, enabling refreshing of ground water. source Wikipedia (

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High Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery vs High Resolution Satellite Imagery – Part 1

The gap between these two usually complementary mapping technologies is getting smaller as both satellite and aerial imaging systems have benefited from great technology improvements in the last decade. These technologies can even overlap in terms of resolution, meaning that issues such as accuracy, acquisition and processing time need to be taken into account . It is more of a challenge to make informed decisions about which technology to choose for a mapping project. Nevertheless, each technology is alive and well and possess unique characteristics and strengths which need to be highlighted. Read more

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Mc Arthur Basin, NT, 3D Animation form photogrammetry

The McArthur Basin is a large intracratonic sedimentary basin in the northeastern Northern Territory, Australia. The basin contains thick marine and non-marine sedimentary rocks which were deposited from the late Paleoproterozoic to the early Mesoproterozoic (1800-1430 Ma).
The basin contain several zinc, lead, silver, diamond deposits. Read more »


A brief history of aerial photogrammetry

1480: The origin of photogrammetry goes back as far as 1480 when Leonardo da Vinci developed the concept of perspective and projective geometry.

1625: French mathematician Desargues defines projective geometry generalizing the use of vanishing points.

1840: The first use of photogrammetry was by the French geodesist Arago using a process called Daguerreotype.

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Beware of imitators – Common issues present in low-quality orthophotos

It may seem churlish to have a go at the competition, but we have become increasingly concerned at the quality and utility of products being offered by the second-tier and lower contractors appearing in the aerial photography market. In a market where pricing is a sensitive issue, some of these companies are delivering cheap imitations. Agencies who commission these services are finding out too late that the product is not as described on the packet. Remember: It is a long wait for the next budget cycle.

Rather than name names, we will focus instead on the issues that separate the sheep from the goats, so to speak. Read more »

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Salisbury quarry 3D animation

The Salisbury Quarry is a quartz quarry in South Australia.
The short fly-through has been generated using Ultracam 10cm digital aerial imagery drapped over a 50cm digital surface model extracted from photogrammetry.

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Pipeline corridor mapping using high-resolution digital aerial photogrammetry

Australia’s pipeline industry is a key element of our economy and the need to have safe and cost effective energy is vital to link Australia’s remote sources to towns and cities across the country. Due to a constant effort by Australian pipeline companies to remain leaders in term of technology, safety and environmental record, the latest and most advanced pipeline monitoring technologies are periodically investigated and adopted by new companies wanting to reduce their costs while increasing monitoring efficiency. Read more »

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