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Innovative, quick and efficient 3D techniques for the monitoring and change analysis of construction and industrial sites using aero3Dpro

Traditional ways of monitoring an industrial or construction site include the use of webcams, ground photographs and ground laser scanners. These techniques can be time-consuming, expensive and cause potential safety issues.

aero3Dpro brings a whole new non-invasive, quick and cost-effective approach of monitoring industrial and construction sites by using advanced aerial photogrammetry techniques to reconstruct complete 3D models. You will … Read the rest


aero3Dpro revealed

Check out aero3Dpro teaser

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aero3Dpro coming soon

Using aerial and ground photogrammetry technics, aero3Dpro provides fully texturised, geographically accurate and high-resolution 3D models which include all natural and man-made objects present in a scene.

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