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July 9, 2013


Realistic 3D model of the Burnett highway in Euclideon Geoverse and aeroviewer

by Aer0metrex_admin
Bottom-up true-ortho

This aero3dpro 3D model of the Burnett Highway in Queensland is being displayed in aeroviewer as a textured mesh. In the second part of the video we can see the same model into Euclideon Geoverse after conversion/compression to their Unlimited Detail format.

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  • Denis C.

    Hello, impressive visualizations ! can you confirm that it is real-time on standard CPU / GPU (maybe high-end GPUs)?
    Please can you also explain when/where you change from meshes/facets rendering to Euclideon’s format?

    • Aer0metrex_admin

      Yes it is real-time visualisation. The viewer is based on OpenSceneGraph and works fine as long as you have half-descent graphic card.
      The Euclideon Geoverse part of the video starts at