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December 4, 2013


Bringing a virtual 3D environment to life with 3D printing

by Aer0metrex_admin

Our generation is living the 3D revolution. 3D digital environments can be brought to life using 3D printing techniques.

Advances in computing power has made possible the creation of complex 3D digital worlds as well as modelling with astonishing details the reality. Digital 3D environments are used in a growing range of applications including medical 3D imaging, film, games, augmented reality,  mapping, simulation, design and many more. We already live and breath in a 3D world and it doesn’t come as a surprise that the best way to communicate news ideas or immerse ourselves into imagery worlds is by using the third dimension.

Despite the increasing quality of virtual 3D environments and immersion possibilities, we still love having real objects that we can touch and hold in our hands. The 3D printing revolution is offering just that: a new way to bring to life a virtual environment to stimulate and excite our senses. Among the many industries which can benefit from 3D printing, this is particularly true for the architecture and geospatial industry.

The following pictures show an example of  how real urban environments can be physically recreated at a smaller scale using 3D photogrammetry techniques and 3D printing. The Adelaide Women and Children’s Hospital 3D model was been generated using advanced 3D photogrammetry techniques. This photorealistic and geographically accurate 3D model was commissioned  by Fyfe Australia using aero3Dpro and then 3D printed by Theiss Australia. Check out videos of some of our 3D models in our Youtube Channel.

The 3D printer used in this case is based on inkjet powder printing where a glue and coloured inks are jetted to stick successive gypsum-based powder layers. (For a comprehensive understanding of 3D printing go to this article).

Women's and Children's Hospital aerial photograph

Aerial photograph of the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital used to generate the virtual 3D model (courtesy Fyfe)

AWCH 3d model-aero3dpro

aero3Dpro virtual 3D model of the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital (courtesy Fyfe)

3D print of aero3dpro model

3D print of the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital (courtesy Theiss Australia)


3D print of aero3dpro model

3D print of the Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital (courtesy Theiss Australia)

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