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At AEROmetrex, we are passionate about digital mapping technologies.We hope you will find inspiring, interesting and useful information about the art and science of digital aerial acquisition, photogrammetry and geospatial information.

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  • Andrew O’Grady

    We are doing a 3D visualisation and would like a hi resolution image of the area around were the new hospital on North terrace will be built so we can use it in the model. About 1-5 square km would be good.

    • Aer0metrex_admin

      Hi Andrew, please contact Todd Dunow on 08 8361 3111 for imagery request or send an email at

  • Craig

    We are looking for a high resolution image of the Flinders university site including the old Mitsubishi site at Tonsley. Is this something we can purchase? If so what is the latest date of the image?