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Satellite images of the Sampson flat fire Adelaide Hills – January 2015

The Sampson Flat bushfire which started on Friday 2nd January 2015 in the Adelaide Hills  has blackened more than 12,000 hectares so far.

The following article shows a collection of satellite imagery showing the extent of the damage. Read more »

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Virtual 3D city models: A base dataset for Australian States departments and local councils

An increasing number of Australian states government departments and local councils are using or are in the process of acquiring virtual 3D city models as part of their planning and development strategy. In addition to other geospatial information layers integrated into interactive 3D GIS solutions such as Skyline TerraExplorer, these new tools provide intuitive and innovative ways to communicate complex information and develop long-term management strategies. Read more »

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Photogrammetric Modelling of Cars for pedestrian impact simulation

  The CASR Lab does extensive head-bonnet collision testing to assess new car models entering the market for safety.  The limit of deformation of the car’s hood is determined by the gap between the hood and the engine block. Measuring this gap requires extensive 3D modelling of both the hood and the engine block and experimentally testing the deformation at all the sample points requires upto 20 bonnets. In order to augment the direct measurements and destructive testing regiment the lab is interested in acquiring accurate 3D models of the vehicles. Read more »


Integration of 3D streetview earthmine with interactive 3D GIS Skyline Terraexplorer and aero3Dpro city model as a base dataset

Integration test of 3D Street Level Imagery Solutions earthmine into Skyline Terraexplorer pro.

The 3D base dataset is a virtual 3D city model of Karratha, WA generated with aero3dpro.

Users can navigate in the earthmine window and the corresponding location will be displayed into Terraexplorer in real-time.

Users can also pick up a location on the virtual 3D model and the corresponding streetview will load in the earthmine window. Read more »


Systems for acquiring Oblique Aerial Imagery

Oblique imagery got thrust into the spotlight with Microsoft’s publication of the Bird’s Eye imagery to the public. Geo-referenced oblique images are useful for highly automatic creation of 3D city models on their own or in combination with airborne Lidar and planar topographic maps containing building outlines. With the advent of multi-ray matching algorithms using rotation invariant features such as SIFT and SURF, cameras capable of simultaneously capturing multiple view geometries have become highly desirable, making Lidar systems an added complication instead of a complimentary tool. The utility of oblique imagery is now even higher allowing the creation of fully textured 3D models of entire cities given and efficient capture system. Read more »

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Virtual flight over 3D cities using Oculus Rift

We are living a very exciting time where new virtual and augmented technologies are booming. It is now possible to immerse ourselves into photo realistic virtual worlds and experience new sensations like never before.

We’ve been working on integrating our aero3Dpro 3D models and the Virtual Reality headset Oculus rift  into interactive 3D engines to experience what flying like a bird would feel like.

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SimCity-like 3D model of Melbourne

Using an isometric projection, we’ve generated a large-scale Sim-City-like representation of Melbourne CBD. The aero3Dpro  model has been created using aerial 3D photogrammetry techniques. Read more »

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How on earth did MH370 end up in the southern Indian Ocean?

Among the myriad of questions surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 the biggest question is:

How on earth did MH370 end up in the southern Indian Ocean?

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Aerial view of The Garden of Unearthly Delights through time

The Garden of Unearthly Delights has become a major attraction in Adelaide during the February-March festive season. Many Fringe Festival performances are hosted inside the amazing venues present in the Garden. This magic place is celebrating its 10th anniversary. From a few tents in a corner of Rundle Park in 2002, the Garden has grown each year stronger, bigger and better and we can’t wait to enjoy what 2015 has in stock. Read more »

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Willy willy

Aerial photograph of a dust devil near Mildura, South Australia also called “willy willy” in Australia.

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