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Coastal erosion mapping using 3D photogrammetry

Coastal erosion is the wearing away of land along the shoreline due to the natural removal of beach or dune sediments caused by wave action, wave and tidal  currents, high winds, drainage and other human-induced causes of erosion . Rising sea levels, more frequent storms and cyclones are also increasing coastal erosion and are putting infrastructures, properties and people at … Read the rest


SimCity-like 3D model of Melbourne

Using an isometric projection, we’ve generated a large-scale Sim-City-like representation of Melbourne CBD. The aero3Dpro  model has been created using aerial 3D photogrammetry techniques.

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Bringing a virtual 3D environment to life with 3D printing

Our generation is living the 3D revolution. 3D digital environments can be brought to life using 3D printing techniques.

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Cutting-edge mapping technologies for the Australian mining industry

Technology is evolving. Efficiency is improving. Risks are reduced. Times are changing.

The latest mapping technologies available include the use of UAVs, the creation of photorealistic and geographically accurate 3D models from photogrammetry and augmented reality solutions are slowly but surely changing the Australian mining industry. Companies who decide to take the challenging but rewarding step to embrace the future … Read the rest


New Royal Adelaide Hospital and South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute aero3dpro model update

Two aero3dpro 3D models of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital and South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute construction sites have been acquired and generated on the 7th September and 19th December 2012.

The pictures below show the comparison between these two photo-realistic and geographically accurate 3d models. It is now possible to observe a same area from virtually any … Read the rest


Innovative, quick and efficient 3D techniques for the monitoring and change analysis of construction and industrial sites using aero3Dpro

Traditional ways of monitoring an industrial or construction site include the use of webcams, ground photographs and ground laser scanners. These techniques can be time-consuming, expensive and cause potential safety issues.

aero3Dpro brings a whole new non-invasive, quick and cost-effective approach of monitoring industrial and construction sites by using advanced aerial photogrammetry techniques to reconstruct complete 3D models. You will … Read the rest


Bendigo 3D Flood simulation using high resolution aerial data


Based on a 7cm very high resolution digital aerial imagery acquired with our UltraCam-X camera system and a 10cm digital surface model, this short video shows a simulated 7m water level rise in Bendigo, Victoria.

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