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AEROmetrex captures its 12th annual Metro Adelaide aerial photography coverage in record time using 260-Megapixel camera

Adelaide-based aerial mapping company AEROmetrex has flown its 12th annual capture of the Metro Adelaide area in a record 2 days (10 flying hours), utilizing a very-large-format 260-Megapixel Ultracam Eagle camera. Read more »

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Location scouting using large 3D models for film production

Location scouting is a critical process in the pre-production stage of any filmmaking. While on-site visits cannot be replaced, aero3Dpro can provide a range of simulation tools and relevant location-based information to the producer, cut on-site cost and time and make the location manager’s job easier. This solution would be ideal to support the production of big budget movies and commercials.

How it works? Read more »

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Royal Adelaide Hospital international design competition

The site of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital will be developed under a international design competition. International competitions bring up a wide range of new ideas which usually don’t pop up. Read more »

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Bottom-up true-ortho

Realistic 3D model of the Burnett highway in Euclideon Geoverse and aeroviewer

This aero3dpro 3D model of the Burnett Highway in Queensland is being displayed in aeroviewer as a textured mesh. In the second part of the video we can see the same model into Euclideon Geoverse after conversion/compression to their Unlimited Detail format.

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The Truth about True Orthos

In this article we discuss an innovative way to produce true-ortho imagery where all distortions are corrected and the visible ground surface is maximized. Read more »

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Augmented reality – 3D objects in context – Part 1

aero3Dpro technology has created a large warehouse of 3D models for us internally. So we have been working on a few presentation aspects, bringing the models to web is possible via WebGL in the right browsers and we can of course print them using a decent 3D printer. The other very interesting way to present the models and the value they add to traditional orthophotography is using Augmented Reality. Using the camera in the now common place smartphones and tablets you can overlay the rich 3D models we have been collecting over any aerial image of the similar area. Read more »

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Flying like Superman over Adelaide with aero3Dpro

Check out what it feels like to fly at extremely low altitude and at high speed over Adelaide, South Australia.

This fly through has been generated using aero3Dpro virtual Adelaide 3D city model.

Check out Adelaide Now article.

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aero3Dpro revealed

Check out aero3Dpro teaser

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