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Bringing a virtual 3D environment to life with 3D printing

Our generation is living the 3D revolution. 3D digital environments can be brought to life using 3D printing techniques.

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3D photogrammetry for visualization and visual special effects VFX

You will find below a few basic examples of how large 3D models of buildings, appartment blocks and even entire cites can be used for visulation and VFX by adding 3D environments effects such as clouds, fog, snow, sunsets, water reflection etc. These examples of complex 3D models have been generated with

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Location scouting using large 3D models for film production

Location scouting is a critical process in the pre-production stage of any filmmaking. While on-site visits cannot be replaced, aero3Dpro can provide a range of simulation tools and relevant location-based information to the producer, cut on-site cost and time and make the location manager’s job easier. This solution would be ideal to support the production of big budget movies and … Read the rest


aero3Dpro revealed

Check out aero3Dpro teaser

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