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Bondi Beach, Sydney

AEROmetrex offers scenic aerial images for purchase

AEROmetrex provides aerial photography and mapping services across Australia and beyond. During hundreds of flights and thousands of hours in the air way we’ve amassed a large collection of high quality oblique aerial images that we’re now making available for you to buy in digital format.

The scenic images cover capital cities throughout Australia along with numerous smaller towns and … Read the rest


From the size of a mountain to the size of a 50 cents coin

Since the launch of the first Earth observation satellite in 1959, the world has witnessed incredible developments in terms of platform and sensors to observe the Earth. It is now possible to see virtually any part of our planet and distinguish objects the size of a mountain up to the size of a coin.

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Emergency aerial survey mapping over Victoria floods,Broken Creek, March 2012

The South-East of Australia has once more become a victim of devastating floods that have forced many residents to evacuate their homes. Regional townships in Victoria and New South Wales have been hit the most. AEROmetrex has been commissioned by the Victorian government to survey a large part of Victoria. AEROmetrex is a trusted supplier of aerial photography due to … Read the rest


Colour infrared aerial imagery (Part 1)

All medium and large-format digital aerial camera systems can acquire information in the visible part of the electromagnetic to produce natural colour images using their Red, Green and Blue channels. These camera systems are also able to acquire data from an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum called near-infrared (NIR).

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Uluru/Ayers Rock 3D animation generated from aerial photogrammetry

Uluru also called Ayers Rock is a huge sand rock formation (3.6 km long  x 1.9 km wide) in the Australian outback. This very famous Australian trademark rises 348m above ground but it’s two third of this impressive rock lies underground.

The Aboriginal traditional owners of Uluru are the Anangu. Sacred sites are situated all around the base of the … Read the rest


Bloomfield River and Wujal Wujal, Queensland 3D animation

The Bloomfield River is a river situated in Queensland, north of Daintree. The river enters the sea north of Cape Tribulation.
Wujal Wujal is the name of a relatively small Aboriginal community on the north and south sides of the Bloomfield River as seen at the end of the video.

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High Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery vs High Resolution Satellite Imagery – Part 2

(Click here to go to the article “High Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery vs High Resolution Satellite Imagery – Part 1“)

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Location accessibility:

 Aerial Imagery:

The reach of an aerial acquisition company is usually restricted to a specific area or country due to the fact that aircraft are based in a specific location. Remote survey … Read the rest


High Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery vs High Resolution Satellite Imagery – Part 1

The gap between these two usually complementary mapping technologies is getting smaller as both satellite and aerial imaging systems have benefited from great technology improvements in the last decade. These technologies can even overlap in terms of resolution, meaning that issues such as accuracy, acquisition and processing time need to be taken into account . It is more of a … Read the rest


A brief history of aerial photogrammetry

1480: The origin of photogrammetry goes back as far as 1480 when Leonardo da Vinci developed the concept of perspective and projective geometry.

1625: French mathematician Desargues defines projective geometry generalizing the use of vanishing points.

1840: The first use of photogrammetry was by the French geodesist Arago using a process called Daguerreotype.

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Salisbury quarry 3D animation

The Salisbury Quarry is a quartz quarry in South Australia.
The short fly-through has been generated using Ultracam 10cm digital aerial imagery drapped over a 50cm digital surface model extracted from photogrammetry.

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