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The Blue Lake, Mount Gambier 3D animation generated from aerial photogrammetry

The famous Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, South Australia, occupies one of the craters of the extinct volcano which last erupted 5000 years ago.

From November to late March, the Blue lake takes a beautiful and intense deep turquoise color due to a special algae that grow in the lake. The lake turns dark blue-grey for the rest of the … Read the rest


Oulnina Homestead, Manna Hill, South Australia 3D animation

Oulnina is one of the easternmost localities in South Australia, located just off the Barrier Highway in east South Australia and is about 300km north-northeast from Adelaide.

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Bloomfield River and Wujal Wujal, Queensland 3D animation

The Bloomfield River is a river situated in Queensland, north of Daintree. The river enters the sea north of Cape Tribulation.
Wujal Wujal is the name of a relatively small Aboriginal community on the north and south sides of the Bloomfield River as seen at the end of the video.

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photogrammetric 3D landscape

North Queensland aerial photography 3D Fly-through HD

This 3D visualization fly-through over part of North Queensland has been generated using UltraCam digital aerial orthophotos and a digital elevation model extracted from photogrammetry.

Elements such as water reflexion, clouds and atmosphere effects have been integrated in the simulation to increase realism.

Lake Tinaroo and part of the Daintree river in North Queensland can be seen along the way.… Read the rest