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Use of accurate digital surface models generated from digital aerial photogrammetry for urban flood modelling

Due to climate change and an expansion of urban catchment, urban flooding is becoming a major environmental hazard and can cause very costly damages to properties and assets around Australia. The insurance industry is in real need of accurate information for their use in risk analysis and urban flood vulnerability.


Innovation and technologic improvement in the acquisition technics and the processing of digital elevation models can make it economically feasible to gather large and accurate 3D information of natural and urban areas.

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Aerial photogrammetric surveys to support emergency and disaster management in Australia

Australia experiences each year a range of natural disasters including floods, bushfires, server storms, landslides and earthquakes. Queensland and New South Wales have experienced an increasing number of flood events in the past few years. Both populated areas along the coast as well as isolated rural towns have been hit hard and emergency services have had a hard time dealing with these disasters. Floods are estimated to be the most costly natural disaster in Australia and cost local and state governments hundreds of millions. Read more »

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