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Satellite images of the Sampson flat fire Adelaide Hills – January 2015

The Sampson Flat bushfire which started on Friday 2nd January 2015 in the Adelaide Hills  has blackened more than 12,000 hectares so far.

The following article shows a collection of satellite imagery showing the extent of the damage. Read more »

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Latest satellite imagery of Bushfires ravaging Tasmania 7th January 2013

Bushfires have destroyed more than 100 properties in Tasmania.
Strong winds up to 70 km/h is making the work of firefighters more difficult to bring several big bushfires under control.

Tasmanian Fire Service Website
Stay safe! Read more »

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Aerial imagery: Kangaroo Island December 2007 bushfires…four years later

In December 2007 Kangaroo Island, South Australia has been hit by a series of bushfires which destroyed more than 95000 hectares of forest ( 20% of the island) and unfortunately killed countless animals. The Flinders National Park, Vivionne Bay and D’Estrees Bay were the most ravaged area.

More than 800 personnel where involved in fire fighting efforts and the event was the largest bushfire operation in South Australia to date. Read more »

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Aerial photogrammetric surveys to support emergency and disaster management in Australia

Australia experiences each year a range of natural disasters including floods, bushfires, server storms, landslides and earthquakes. Queensland and New South Wales have experienced an increasing number of flood events in the past few years. Both populated areas along the coast as well as isolated rural towns have been hit hard and emergency services have had a hard time dealing with these disasters. Floods are estimated to be the most costly natural disaster in Australia and cost local and state governments hundreds of millions. Read more »

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