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Bondi Beach, Sydney

AEROmetrex offers scenic aerial images for purchase

AEROmetrex provides aerial photography and mapping services across Australia and beyond. During hundreds of flights and thousands of hours in the air way we’ve amassed a large collection of high quality oblique aerial images that we’re now making available for you to buy in digital format.

The scenic images cover capital cities throughout Australia along with numerous smaller towns and remote locations along the coastline, including Broome, Townsville, Gold Coast, Newcastle and Caloundra. We’ve even gathered images from across the Tasman in New Zealand. From the tallest skyscrapers to pristine beaches, from the dry red dust of the north-west to the lush green parklands of Adelaide, we have something for everyone.

View our scenic images on Twitter and Instagram

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Use of accurate digital surface models generated from digital aerial photogrammetry for urban flood modelling

Due to climate change and an expansion of urban catchment, urban flooding is becoming a major environmental hazard and can cause very costly damages to properties and assets around Australia. The insurance industry is in real need of accurate information for their use in risk analysis and urban flood vulnerability.


Innovation and technologic improvement in the acquisition technics and the processing of digital elevation models can make it economically feasible to gather large and accurate 3D information of natural and urban areas.

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Aerial imagery: Kangaroo Island December 2007 bushfires…four years later

In December 2007 Kangaroo Island, South Australia has been hit by a series of bushfires which destroyed more than 95000 hectares of forest ( 20% of the island) and unfortunately killed countless animals. The Flinders National Park, Vivionne Bay and D’Estrees Bay were the most ravaged area.

More than 800 personnel where involved in fire fighting efforts and the event was the largest bushfire operation in South Australia to date. Read more »

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I Fly UltraCam

Microsoft Vexcel  UltraCam photogrammetric digital aerial mapping cameras are the source of the best high resolution imagery in the world.

In this short video, we explain how AEROmetrex is taking advantage of UltraCam digital aerial sensors to provide quality aerial photography and photogrammetric mapping.

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Fly-through recap

Compilation of 3D animations over Australia generated from aerial photogrammetry

This is a compilation of short 3D fly-through generated from aerial photogrammetry.

High resolution aerial ortho photography have been draped over digital surface model.

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What is the true value of investment in spatial information such as aerial imagery?

The importance of a solid and accurate spatial information infrastructure is very high to the development of a regional economy. Studies in Tasmania have shown that “based on our conservative estimates of the productivity improvements, Tasman Global modelling estimates that, in 2010-11, Tasmania’s real GSP increased by 0.4 per cent, or A$105 million, as a direct result of the uptake of spatial technologies”, a factor of 12.6x the investment made. (Tassic, 2011, The Value of Spatial Information for Tasmania.)

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Roma flood 2012 aerial photography

Roma has been hit hard by the latest floods in Southern Queensland and more than 400 homes have been damaged as the clean-up continues in the region.

The following aerial photographs has been taken on Sunday 5th February over the town of Roma and surrounding aeras  by one of our operators while conducting an extensive aerial survey of the region for long-term clients. Read more »

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Little para reservoir 3D animation generated from photogrammetry

Little Para Reservoir is a reservoir in South Australia serving the city of Adelaide. It was built between 1974 and 1977, costing A$11.5 million, and commissioned in January 1979.

The reservoir is built in the path of the Little Para River and is used for water storage and flood mitigation. As the Little Para’s catchment is insufficient to fill the reservoir, it is mainly used to store water pumped from the River Murray. Periodically water is released from the reservoir into the river, enabling refreshing of ground water. source Wikipedia (

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Beware of imitators – Common issues present in low-quality orthophotos

It may seem churlish to have a go at the competition, but we have become increasingly concerned at the quality and utility of products being offered by the second-tier and lower contractors appearing in the aerial photography market. In a market where pricing is a sensitive issue, some of these companies are delivering cheap imitations. Agencies who commission these services are finding out too late that the product is not as described on the packet. Remember: It is a long wait for the next budget cycle.

Rather than name names, we will focus instead on the issues that separate the sheep from the goats, so to speak. Read more »

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Digital Elevation, Digital Terrain or Digital Surface Model?

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is generally a file containing elevation values representing the terrain height over a specific area of the earth. A DEM can be a raster file: in this case each record is a 3-dimensional element usually associated with geographic coordinates at a fixed grid interval. The denser the grid, the more information the digital elevation model will possess and the more variation in the terrain will be recorded. A DEM with an irregular grid is called a TIN DEM (Triangular Irregular Network) and can be the result of direct 3D point measurements. Read more »

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