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Use of accurate digital surface models generated from digital aerial photogrammetry for urban flood modelling

Due to climate change and an expansion of urban catchment, urban flooding is becoming a major environmental hazard and can cause very costly damages to properties and assets around Australia. The insurance industry is in real need of accurate information for their use in risk analysis and urban flood vulnerability.


Innovation and technologic improvement in the acquisition technics and … Read the rest


Bendigo 3D Flood simulation using high resolution aerial data


Based on a 7cm very high resolution digital aerial imagery acquired with our UltraCam-X camera system and a 10cm digital surface model, this short video shows a simulated 7m water level rise in Bendigo, Victoria.

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Emergency aerial survey mapping over Victoria floods,Broken Creek, March 2012

The South-East of Australia has once more become a victim of devastating floods that have forced many residents to evacuate their homes. Regional townships in Victoria and New South Wales have been hit the most. AEROmetrex has been commissioned by the Victorian government to survey a large part of Victoria. AEROmetrex is a trusted supplier of aerial photography due to … Read the rest


Queensland Flood 2012 aerial imagery: “Dirranbandi Island”

Dirranbandi, a few kilometers south of St-George in Southern Queensland has been cut off by flood waters. This emergency aerial orthophotos (metric aerial photography) has been captured and processed by AEROmetrex on Friday 10th February 2012.

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Satellite images of the Queensland/New South Wales flood – February 2012

LATEST UPDATE Wednesday 8th February 2012

Time-series video below

Oblique aerial photography of Roma can be seen here:


Australia is once again bracing for heavy floods affecting areas of Western Queensland and Northern New South Wales and many towns have been hit hard. The following satellites images from the NASA satellite Terra and Aqua ( acquired … Read the rest


Aerial photogrammetric surveys to support emergency and disaster management in Australia

Australia experiences each year a range of natural disasters including floods, bushfires, server storms, landslides and earthquakes. Queensland and New South Wales have experienced an increasing number of flood events in the past few years. Both populated areas along the coast as well as isolated rural towns have been hit hard and emergency services have had a hard time dealing … Read the rest