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How on earth did MH370 end up in the southern Indian Ocean?

Among the myriad of questions surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH-370 the biggest question is:

How on earth did MH370 end up in the southern Indian Ocean?

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More High Resolution 3D models of Adelaide in Google Earth

Check out how aero3Dpro 3D models of North Adelaide and Carrick Hill, South-Australia look like in Google Earth. Having access to additional layers of information and street-view makes the experience very enjoyable. I’m confident that what we do right now at a small scale will be the norm in the near future. Google is already on the way with their new 3D imagery. Read more »

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3D models generated from aerial photogrammetry: a new mapping paradigm shift?

We are currently witnessing  the emergence of a new trend in the geospatial industry: the use of aerial photogrammetry techniques to generate 3D models of our environment and a mainstream access to these new models/ 3D maps. Read more »

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High resolution aero3Dpro 3D model in Google Earth

aero3Dpro fully textured, geographically accurate and high-resolution 3D models which include all natural and man-made objects present in a scene can now be integrated into Google Earth!  Read more »

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