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Bottom-up true-ortho

Realistic 3D model of the Burnett highway in Euclideon Geoverse and aeroviewer

This aero3dpro 3D model of the Burnett Highway in Queensland is being displayed in aeroviewer as a textured mesh. In the second part of the video we can see the same model into Euclideon Geoverse after conversion/compression to their Unlimited Detail format.

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Dense Matching – 3D Point clouds from aerial and street-level imagery

The UltraMap 3.0 Beta season is almost on us and it promises a great new development in mainstream air-borne photogrammetry. Pervasive availability of 3D point clouds with attached colour information, without requiring a separate

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Semaphore Tower

Rundle Street point cloud

Point cloud derived from vehicle based structure from motion platform. 5 Calibrated cameras mounted on our survey vehicle, point cloud generation routine a bit tightened up compared to those used for purely unstructured collection of photos.

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