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20 Things They Don’t Tell You About UAVs

The energy, enthusiasm and the inventiveness that is going into UAV* technology these days is truly remarkable. There has been a proliferation of manufacturers, suppliers, users and conferences promoting the technology. We have all seen stunning video clips and images taken from UAVs – the low altitude aerial perspective enables unique views of a wide sweep of surrounds as … Read the rest


List of UAV/UAS Operator Certificate Holders in Australia

The number Unmanned Aerial Systems is growing every year and the trend is not going to stop anytime soon. Check out a bit of history of UAV here.

Hobbyists can now have access to wide range of ready to fly platforms from fix wing, to single or multi-rotors systems from all around the world. With some skills in mechanic … Read the rest


Aerial Photogrammetry from UAVs

The general trend in all industries is automation, the aerial photogrammetry industry is no different. The advent of digital cameras and poweful computing platforms has automated the image processing workflows from the film camera days. The advent of electric powered aircraft and affordable, small autopilots has made the business of flying and capturing imagery automated as well. The industry has … Read the rest