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Virtual 3D city models: A base dataset for Australian States departments and local councils

An increasing number of Australian states government departments and local councils are using or are in the process of acquiring virtual 3D city models as part of their planning and development strategy. In addition to other geospatial information layers integrated into interactive 3D GIS solutions such as Skyline TerraExplorer, these new tools provide intuitive and innovative ways to communicate complex … Read the rest


Virtual flight over 3D cities using Oculus Rift

We are living a very exciting time where new virtual and augmented technologies are booming. It is now possible to immerse ourselves into photo realistic virtual worlds and experience new sensations like never before.

We’ve been working on integrating our aero3Dpro 3D models and the Virtual Reality headset¬†Oculus rift ¬†into interactive 3D engines to experience what flying like a … Read the rest


3D photogrammetry for visualization and visual special effects VFX

You will find below a few basic examples of how large 3D models of buildings, appartment blocks and even entire cites can be used for visulation and VFX by adding 3D environments effects such as clouds, fog, snow, sunsets, water reflection etc. These examples of complex 3D models have been generated with

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New Generation Virtual 3D city Model of Melbourne CBD

Discover Melbourne CBD like never before with a new generation of Virtual 3D city model…

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