How aerial surveys benefit your mine site through its entire life cycle

Aerial imagery, 3D modelling and LiDAR benefits your mine site through its entire life cycle. From pre-build planning to post-operation rehabilitation, getting accurate and regular captures of your site makes a more profitable, efficient, safe, and compliant mining operations.


With our aerial surveys we can:

  • Capture your whole site with no disruption to operations.
  • Calculate volumetric and stockpile analysis.
  • Validate the safety and compliance of your haul roads and windrows.
  • Get the best data to build a 3D model for engineering design and site construction planning.
  • Use 4-band near-infrared imagery to assess vegetation health and rehabilitation activities.

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Aerial surveys are a fast and non-disruptive way to measure and capture your mine site. We can use both high-density LiDAR and aerial imagery depending on your site needs. Get the most accurate baseline data to start your planning and model the entire area.

A 3D Reality Mesh Model with LiDAR measurement data is the perfect starting point for engineering operations, construction, project planning, and communication activities. Use an accurate and fully textured 3D model of your site as a simulated planning sandbox. Model all your future development and carry out virtual re-designs. Communicate better with your stakeholders using a 3D model to show what you’ve done, are doing, and are planning to do in the future.

LiDAR adds the high-accuracy measurement that can enhance the imagery from 3D Reality Mesh. Build precise Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Surface Models (DSM), and digitised 3D feature data. You can analyse surface features and predict underground deposits from aerial imagery. Strip away all above-ground structures and vegetation to see accurate DTMs. Add contour measurements for elevation context.

Get your LiDAR point cloud or 3D reality mesh “classified” so every object on your mine site is identified and given attribute data. Make buildings, structures, different surface types, and vegetation clear and isolatable. Enrich your classified 3D model with any database information. You can add detailed information on any classified feature for a more visual site management system.

Assess rock faces with our high-resolution imagery. The quality of our captures and 3D modelling allows rock structure and geological units to be identified without having to inspect on-site. See exactly where and how the rock walls have changed.



Our captures can measure and assess your windrows and haul roads to make sure your site is safe and compliant. Our Windrow Analysis Tool measures height, width, and slope of windrows calculated from elevation profiles. The tool removes the need for manual digitisation of your site features. Take the guesswork out of windrow safety.

We give a full report, including shapefiles on road segments, windrow lines, and road profiles. Keep your site operating smoothly and safely with well-made haul roads and windrows.

All of our aerial work makes for a safer working environment. Not only from planning and site management, but from fewer people manually measuring on-location. We capture while the mine is fully operating.



Quickly calculate and analyse volumetric data and stockpile size to measure cut & fill and simplify other environmental and compliance reporting. We have dedicated mining industry services that do site capture and volumetric analysis with a typical three-day turnaround time to keep your reporting accurate and current. We do all volumetric measuring with aerial imagery or LiDAR, which means no presence on-site.

Multiple captures over time let you see and measure how the site has changed.



Our LiDAR and aerial imagery assess and monitor vegetation health and help plan for rehabilitation. The near-infrared 4-band imagery we capture shows chlorophyll content in vegetation, which indicates overall plant health. LiDAR can measure vegetation density from tree canopy to ground. Changes in vegetation levels are made trackable over time.

We can use LiDAR vegetation density measurement to assess bushfire fuel loads as an additional capture service. Mine sites in bushfire risk areas can have the surrounding area’s fuel load tons per hectare measured and mapped out. This data is essential for risk analysis, planning prescribed burns, and other fire mitigation activities. Bushfire fuel load mapping will need a dedicated capture because of the resolution needed for that data.


Download our mining industry brochure to learn more about how our services help the mining industry.

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