With our aerial acquisition, 3D modelling, and LiDAR capture data, and digital orthoimagery, we have supported some of the most notable engineering & construction projects across the country.

Our high resolution spatial data is beneficial for implementing efficient development policies, managing assets, and supporting information analysis and decision-making. Using our expanding range of imagery and 3D models, clients can also produce animations, 360 degree panoramas and advertising material involving 2D and 3D geospatial information.

A growing number of Australia’s top survey and engineering companies are using our ultra-high accuracy aerial surveys as an integral part of their projects.


Our orthoimagery service provides accurate overviews rendered in extremely high detail. Up-to-date information aids the survey of potential sites to near-real-time progress reports that reduces the need for onsite surveys.

Applications of our 2D orthoimagery may span from prospecting and planning to project monitoring, across a job as small as roofing to a full site’s development. With Aerometrex’s orthoimagery your teams can generate quotes, assess progress, conduct safety evaluations and validate plans right from their office.

Our true ortho product offers base imagery with all radial distortions removed. The leaning appearance of tall buildings, transmission towers, poles and trees that can be seen in traditional vertical aerial imagery is eliminated.

You can also extract accurate contour and volume information from high-resolution digital surface models.


Digital 3D modelling, in conjunction with various planning tools as well as modern-day artificial intelligence and machine learning can reduce project duration and bring down costs drastically. 3D point-clouds are also available for use in CAD and Engineering software.

With geospatially accurate and photo-realistic 3D models, derived digital surface models and true-ortho imagery, you can gain access to real 3D information to aid & improve analysis of both existing as well as future engineering and construction work. Your teams can analyse potential obstructions / limitations to proposed concepts and keep track of the various phases of your construction project by extracting information over time with multi-date captures.

Use 3D visualisation to communicate complex information using interactive and intuitive 3D visualisation software


Our LiDAR datasets offer a quick turnaround product and meet common engineer-level requirements, such as

  • Outputs that work with the most common CAD and GIS packages – lower volume derivatives of the original LiDAR data
  • Datasets mapped with modern co-ordinate systems as required by clients to avoid time-consuming coordinate conversions

Infrastructure projects such as road and rail corridors, pipelines and wind farms are among the many projects that have benefitted from our aerial LiDAR surveys. These captures have provided high spatial resolution data with engineering-level accuracy.


Use 2D and 3D spatial mapping to plan, build and maintain smarter infrastructure. Data captured at the beginning of a project and at construction milestones can provide valuable cut and fill information for engineers and can be used to update various project stakeholders.

Unlimited access to aerial imagery that is updated up to 4 times every year and data archives that allow you to virtually travel back in time to see how things have changed.

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