We provide accurate elevation, aerial imagery and 3D solution for the mining and energy sector including multiple captures to analyse changes over time.

Supporting the Mining Sector with Aerial Surveys since 1980

Learn more about how Aerometrex's aerial surveys can help drive better planning and execution for your mine operations. Whether it's aerial imagery, LiDAR or 3D Modelling, we are here to help you!


High-resolution orthophotos and value-added products such as feature extraction data provide information for engineering design applications and reduce the number of ground surveys and disruptions to operations, thus saving time and money.

Our 4-band imagery offers the added benefit of near-infrared imagery which provides information relative to the surrounding vegetation. This is especially useful to assess environmental impact and monitor the short and long term impact of mining activities.

Large area digital elevation models help geologists to analyse surface features and predict underground deposits during the exploration phase. Digital surface models are particularly useful for volume calculation such as stockpile estimation and change-detection over quarries.


3D mesh models are used to capture mining and quarry sites including undercut and vertical structures. 3D change can be performed using multi-captures as well as volume analysis.

Such models form a useful 3D base dataset to extract critical 3D information and improve the planning and management of quarries and mine sites.

3D models are especially useful for accurate measurement of stockpile volumes, 3D rock-face analysis, progress monitoring, and to communicate complex information in 3D to various stakeholders.


LiDAR offers a fast, effect and highly accurate solution and vital data layer serving many purposes over the life of a mine, including:

  • Assessment of the resource’s extent and plan stripping operations to quantify development costs, using detailed digital surface models
  • Planning of site infrastructure, such as access roads, plant sites and support buildings
  • Supporting flood management through hydrological studies and optimising dam sites for the mine’s ongoing operations
  • Supporting the design and maintenance of embankments using engineering studies derived from LiDAR data
  • Building a baseline archive of the site before operations start, to record current landscape and features such as canopy definition, to support mine rehabilitation plans at the end of the mine site’s life.

LiDAR is a highly useful resource for stock-pile volume calculations. A LiDAR survey provides a more accurate volume calculation than what can be achieved by traditional surveying methods and significantly reduces the health and safety risks associated with having personnel on-site. Aerometrex can typically provide volume calculations within three days of an aerial survey.

For open cut mines, LiDAR can provide a comprehensive three dimensional model of the entire mine site. Engineers and project managers can utilise this model to monitor the site through time and show how the mine has expanded, providing an important historical perspective and prove to be an asset when it comes time for site restoration.


Access a comprehensive dataset for every step of your mine's lifecycle.

Unlimited access to aerial imagery that is updated up to 4 times every year and data archives that allow you to virtually travel back in time to see how things have changed.

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