Aerometrex to deliver data for agricultural digital twins & carbon project with Agronomeye

16 Aug, 2023

Aerometrex signs significant LiDAR contract to deliver data for agricultural digital twins & carbon project with Agronomeye

  • Use of LiDAR data to produce a holistic three-dimensional property model to support informed land management as well as underpin a carbon market project.
  • LiDAR data shall be supplied to AgTech experts, Agronomeye, to support critical applications in the sustainable & smart farming segment.
  • The project will be delivered over a number of key milestones and is expected to be completed by December 2023.
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We are pleased to announce that Aerometrex has signed a material LiDAR contract for approximately $1.45 million (GST exclusive) with the Sydney-based company, Agronomeye. The LiDAR data will form the foundation layer for the creation of landscape models and be combined with other data sources such as livestock management data, yield maps, weather and on-farm sensor data to empower farmers to balance social, environmental, and financial goals.

Aerometrex’s data shall be ingested into Agronomeye’s AgTwin™ platform which empowers farmers with the information they need to unlock the full potential of their land including productivity, biodiversity, animal welfare, water use efficiency and carbon projects. Additionally, Agronomeye has partnered with one of Australia’s leading natural capital businesses, RegenCo, which works with Australian landholders to develop carbon farming projects that diversify income, and secure long-term food supply while also increasing environmental resilience.

“This is an exciting project that builds on the value of LiDAR as a data source aligned in supporting critical sectors such as environmental sustainability. We are excited to be collaborating with organisations such as Agronomeye and RegenCo, who are experts in their space and driving accessibility to spatial data for the agriculture sector.”

Aerometrex Chief Executive Officer, Steve Masters

Building on a strong relationship...

This new project builds on the strong relationship between Aerometrex and Agronomeye since 2020, through a range of aerial survey projects. These activities have spanned critical sectors across environmental sustainability, smart farming, carbon emissions, and beyond. Agronomeye has also been a subscription client of aerial imagery subscription service, MetroMap since March 2021.

Agronomeye’s Chief Executive Officer, Stu Adam said:

“Aerometrex has consistently delivered a premium solution for our projects over the years and we are thrilled to be utilising their LiDAR services in our work with RegenCo. The quality assured through Aerometrex is a cornerstone in delivering a new level of integrity and transparency in carbon farming. These partnerships aim to give land managers, and the entire ag sector, the tools to embrace new and emerging opportunities with confidence.”

Speaking about the opportunity ahead, RegenCo Managing Director & CEO, Greg Noonan commented:

“The data provided to us by Agronomeye’s AgTwinTM, utilising Aerometrex capability, has allowed us to identify and hone in on areas suitable for carbon farming. This is a game-changer for the sector, creating absolute certainty about what is happening at the project level. For us, this is the future of carbon farming and we’re thrilled to be involved in the partnership with Agronomeye and Aerometrex to bring this to market.”

This agreement aligns with Aerometrex’s key strategic initiatives to support critical sustainability and environmental management projects, adding to past work in areas such as bushfire fuel load management, surface water management, erosion modelling, informed agriculture, and more.

About Agronomeye


Agronomeye is an Australian agtech company, advancing the use of digital twins in agriculture. Using highly-detailed imaging technology combined with advanced data modelling in their proprietary platform, AgTwin™, they enable farmers, land managers and their many stakeholders to make informed, risk-free decisions that are both nature-positive and profitable.

Founded in 2015, Agronomeye collaborates with major organisations, including Microsoft and CSIRO, has been recognised as a finalist in KPMG's Nature Positive Challenge 2022 and is a recipient of the Accelerated Commercialisation Grant 2023.

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About RegenCo


RegenCo is one of Australia’s leading natural capital businesses, specialising in agricultural productivity, land management and carbon projects.

It supports farmers’ ability to balance their social, environmental and financial goals to achieve a strong agricultural triple bottom line.

RegenCo has registered carbon projects across 4 million ha in three states and aims to have sequestered tens of millions of tonnes in the coming decade.

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